Reduce your carbon footprint
Making solar easy and affordable
Reduce or eliminate your electricity bills
Harness the power of natures energy
From residential to commercial applications

We design systems to your needs, whether you want to reduce or eliminate your power bill

Solar Power Systems… simple.

Clean FREE Green energy from the sun can be yours with a Solar Power System from Brighter Solar Solutions.

At Brighter Solar Solutions, we believe solar power is the future and that quality solar systems should be affordable to everyone.  That’s why we offer tailored systems to suit your budget and your energy-saving goals.  Harness the future today with a solar power system installed in your home or business now to take advantage of Solar Credits Scheme Discounts.  Everyone qualifies:

  • Home owners;
  • Commercial property owners, and
  • Investment property owners.

We are a small locally owned family business and dedicated to customer service, reliability and quality.  We value our customers, provide exceptional warranties on all of our products and we service all areas within Southeast QLD.

Call Brighter Solar Solutions if you are serious about solar power for your home or business. Call Rose today for an obligation-free appointment on 0424 303 068.


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