// Solar Power, your Carbon Footprint and Reducing your Energy Bills

Reduce your carbon foot print – Top actions to take now

So you want to make an impact to your power bill and reducing your carbon foot print.  Here is our list of top actions you can take now.  Help save the environment one small action at a time.

  1. Switch off lights, appliances and equipment when they’re not needed.
  2. Install energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps.
  3. Divert garden and food wastes from landfill to composting (either at home or through a Council scheme).
  4. Make your home more comfortable by insulating drought-sealing and shading windows in summer.
  5. Manage home heating and cooling by setting thermostats appropriately – a couple of degrees up in summer and a couple of degrees down in winter.
  6. Cut hot water usage by installing a water-efficient shower head, taking shorter showers and using cold water clothes washing.
  7. Switch off your second fridge except when it’s really needed.
  8. Switch to low greenhouse impact transport options like bicycle or public transport – or use phone or email.
  9. Minimize waste of packaging and materials – refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle.
  10. Use free solar power – dry your clothes on the clothes line outside, not in a dryer.

So you’ve made small changes, now let’s look at the big decisions that impact your environmental impact…

  1. Install a solar power system to become energy independent.
  2. When buying a car, buy a fuel-efficient one. Alternatively, consider buying a transport pass or bicycle.
  3. When building, renovating, renting or buying a home, aim for high energy-efficiency and install energy-efficient appliances and lighting.
  4. When replacing an electric hot water service install a high efficiency gas or solar unit.
  5. Buy energy-efficient appliances with low standby power usage.
  6. When choosing a home location, consider the time and cost of travel from there to work, school, shops and leisure activities

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